UX Process

Research I Need Findings

My user experience process starts with asking questions in order to gather useful information around the needs of the users. The goal is to learn as much about the business and users as possible.

My deliverables from the research stage include a document detailing my findings from interviews as well as survey results, competitor and inspirational research, user and audience demographics, user personas, detailed requirements analysis, and current design reviews.


Scenarios | Story Telling

In order to clearly tell the story of user needs and behaviors, it is beneficial to diagram the scenario process. I have come up wth simple graphics that help people visualize the stories, especailly when presenting to people with non-design backgrounds. 

Information Architecture | Wireframes

At this stage, my hand is the most powerful tool needed to convey the flow of ideas. I produce numerous sketches and concept diagrams for scenarios, storyboards, and information architecture, as well as a mood board that displays my conceptual ideas. During this stage, no ideas are excluded. On the contrary, I widen my perspective and come up with as many potential outcomes and solutions as possible before narrowing them down and selecting a solid conceptual framework that provides the basis for a coherent user experience.

Rapid Prototyping | Visual Design

I consider my projects a success when I deliver a design that responds to the problems facing the user. The design of an optimal interface is based on the understanding of the analysis of user needs and understanding of emotional engagement. My design deliverables include paper prototypes and interactive wireframes as well as high fidelity prototypes as time allows.

Usability Test | Iteration

Meeting the needs of the user is critical to the success of any product or service. Utilizing an appropriate testing methodology for each stage in the process is as important as conducting several user tests in the early stages as the process. This phase can consist of focus groups, surveys, one-on-one user testing, remote testing, heuristic analysis, expert evaluation and design reviews.


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